‘Did Miracle steal your meat? Why the obsession?’ – Fans Drag Deeone

Miracle Ikechukwu really has loyal fans and they are ready to defend him even when he’s conspicuously absent at the ongoing #DoubleWahalaReloaded.

The comedian among them, Deeone, who was also friends with Miracle, before his eviction from the house, claims he(Miracle) hasn’t been there for other housemates.

He talked about how Miracle was the first to leave the WhatsApp group he created for all housemates and how he failed to acknowledge an invitation for his show, nor did he show up.

Well, fans of Miracle aren’t having anyone slander their favourite #DoubleWahala Housemate, hence have come up Deeone, like angry bees – asking him to stop getting hurt because no one owes him, anything.

How some fans reacted to Deeone’s claims against Miracle






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