Deadly Offa Robbery: Suspects reveal how they were tortured into implicating Saraki, how Adikwu died and more

An Offa Robbery Suspect, Ayoade Akinnibosun has told the court that his statement implicating Senate president Bukola Saraki  was given under duress.

The Friday trial of the robbery suspects in the Offa, Kwara state robbery in April 2018, at the State High Court sitting in Ilorin, saw suspects telling the judge that police tortured them into giving their statements.

Akinnibosun the first suspect told Justice Halimah Salman, that he was shot in two legs,  adding that police allegedly shot five men dead in his presence, compelling him to make his statement implicating Saraki.

The suspect further alleged that police made him sleep on the spot where the men had been shot.

Akinnibosun also alleged that six huge stones were put on his back, his hands and feet tied, and he was denied food for about a week while being tortured.

According to the suspect, himself and other suspects were held in the generator room at Police Headquarters Abuja, Michael Adiukwu, a dismissed police officer was brought in to identify if they were among those who carried out the deadly robbery.

He, however told the judge that Adikwu was immediately shot dead on the spot, for denying that he knew them.

The suspect said his confession during the press conference, when they were arraigned was a pre-written statement they were forced to sign and memorise.

Akinnibosun said he could only thump print on the six-page already written statement, because his finger weren’t working after series of torture.

Cross-examination was done by the prosecution counsel.

Both the second accused, Ibikunle Ogunleye, and the third accused person Abraham Adeola corroborated the statement of the first accused person on torture and how Adikwu was killed.


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