Blood suckers!!! Kate Henshaw fumes at the abysmal loss of lives in Nigeria

The Lagos Island building collapse on Wednesday is another glaring reality that many institutions in Nigeria need to wake up to their responsibilities and act accordingly.

The collapse on Wednesday morning at Ita Faji, on Lagos Island, which affected a school, has  cut short the lives of innocent school children –  This said occurrence should jolt back these institutions and Nigerians at large to reality.

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw just like many Nigerians is saddened by waste of lives that occur every now and then in the country, with many culprits walking scot free. No sanction or consequence whatsoever.

The saddest part is, after a while Nigerians just seem to move on, no more rage, nor criticisms until another tragedy occurs.

Speaking via twitter on Thursday, Henshaw expressed her disappointment at the way, Hunan lives are treated in this part of the world, as she wrote:

Another building collapsed..People gutted by fire from a trailer explosion months ago

Lives lost during elections.
No one bears the consequence
No one is held accountable..
We simply sweep under the carpet and move on.
Blood suckers!!



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