Who on earth postpones an election barely 5 hours away???

A lot of Nigerian are unable to hide their disgust at the postponement of the February 16th presidential election. The Independent National Electoral Electoral Commission, INEC, had at past 1.am on Saturday announced the postponement of the polls to February 23rd to the shock of many Nigerians.

A foremost critic of the President Muhammadu Buhari government and former presidential aide, Reno Omokri is one of those.

According to him, Buhari and his government are already scared of the outcome as they have seen the handwriting on the wall, hence the postponement.

He wrote;

1-The election postponement is the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob. It is Buhari government’s agenda. They have seen the handwriting on the wall. The intention behind their #CoupAgainstNigeria is to stop their impending defeat.

2-The Council of State DID NOT meet. The election was postponed just 5 hours to the time it was scheduled to start. This is déjà vu. It is June 12 all over again. A dictator who DOES NOT want to go wants to cause chaos with this #CoupAgainstNigeria.

3-Who on earth postpones an election 5 hours to the election except a scared government whose time is up but DOES NOT want to go? They had 4 years to prepare for this election. They had ₦190 billion. Yet they pull this #CoupAgainstNigeria.

4-By instigating a #CoupAgainstNigeria postponement of an election 5 hours before it was scheduled to begin, the @MBuhari regime knew it was going to lose and want to frustrate you the people and cause very low voter turnout

5-Refuse to play into their hands. Be CALM, PEACEFUL and UNDETERRED. Keep passion until February the 23rd. Then troop out to repay them for their #CoupAgainstNigeria with your vote. Repay via #VoteOutBuhari.

RETWEET to Frustrate your frustrator.


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