She has been very reckless since hitting the limelight – Jumoke Orisaguna’s baby daddy puts her on blast

She hit the limelight back in 2016 after she was discovered by photographer TY Bello and Jumoke Orisaguna, has remained in all our consciousness since then.

However, the former bread seller’s baby daddy has come out to put her on blast saying she has been reckless for a long time.

In an interview with eelive, Sunday said;

“Sujimoto has been of tremendous help to us, though he couldn’t help me as he promised. I appreciate that it was him God used to put a roof over our heads.

Every time I attempt to get a job, I get scorned because they keep seeing the mother of my children as a superstar. I can work even at car-wash outlets, as long as the job is legitimate, I don’t mind. That’s how bad things are,” he said.

On the pair getting married, he said;

“My parents had sent words to her mother for about three years now that it was time to formalise our union but Olajumoke has continued to turn down the proposal while insisting that the time isn’t right yet. So, marriage or no marriage is up to her.

I think she was better when she was with Azuka because Azuka and TY Bello have great connections that paid Olajumoke more. I just know her manager calls her, they go out and return late.

Sometimes she returns as late as past 12am and without explanations. She doesn’t even tell me where they go and what happens. To be honest with you, I’ve had to be tolerating her rudeness.

She talks to me recklessly and I get very upset. I know her attitude to me is this reckless because I’m not rich or have a robust means of income.”

Olajumoke speaking on this said;

“The world expects more from me. That’s why I want to own my house before the expiration of the 5-year rent which Sujimoto paid on my apartment at Surulere, Lagos.

It’s a tastefully furnished apartment and it was Azuka who spoke to her friend, Sujimoto, who later got us the place. She was also the one who spoke to the Payporte CEO who gave me one year contract. God will provide. I trust Him, He never fails me..*


  1. Well, I’m not a follower of Olajumoke, but reading her story, I want to advise her not to abandon the husband of her youth and she should not treat him with disrespect. She should remember her earlier social status, before God in His infinite mercy ordered her steps into stardom or the lime light. Don’t forget your beginning!!!


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