Now that February 16th is finally here…

The day is almost here as Nigerians will decide the fate of their country at the polls tomorrow. Its a very important day in the history of our great country, therefore we all must play our parts so that history will be kind to us.

February 16th is not a national holiday for you to sleep at home, Cook your favourite meal or watch that movie you have been putting off for awhile now. It’s the day that has been set aside to select our next set of leaders and those that will represent our interests.

That being said, with the full knowledge that all hands must be on deck to salvage the Nigerian project – you must invariably fulfil your civic obligation to use your PVC and vote.

There’s no need to be apolitical or aloof at this point in our national life. Nigeria needs you, Nigerians need you and the only way you can do this is to go out tomorrow and vote.

Be not deceived that votes don’t count, if they didn’t you wouldn’t see politicians travelling from one state to another canvassing for your votes.

Vote tomorrow for your conscience, vote your future and vote for Nigeria. Let the only thing you have at the back and front of your mind as you head to your polling unit be ‘in the interest of Nigeria.

Stay away from trouble, avoid inciting comments, be on time and vote the candidate of your choice. Do not sell your vote and be reminded that your choice will decide Nigeria’s destiny for another four years and more.

From all of us at Information Nigeria, we wish all Nigerians, a peaceful, free, fair and credible elections.



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