Woman gives her boyfriend N1.2M, takes it and marries side chick

A woman’s story was recently shared on Twitter and it was truly heartbreaking. As seen in a screenshot between two people, a lady took her time to explain how she was betrayed by her fiance, who ruined her life. The post was shared by @IamCatchvibe on Sunday, January 13. He captioned the screenshots: “She gave her boyfriend R250,000 (N1.2M. Dude took the money and married a side chick. Read for yourself.”

According to her narration, the alleged boyfriend needed quarter of a million rand for an investment opportunity.

Having no reason to distrust him, the lady emptied her savings account, which she originally opened for home rent, and gave it to her lover.

She said he was supposed to pay her back in a week but he went silent and she knew something was up.

The lady then found out her beau went off and married a side chick, using her money! However, things got worse from there, she was kicked out of her home, lost her job and her boyfriend got married.

Read the woman’s full messages below:


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