Search for Cardiff City’s striker Emiliano Sala has been called off

The search for Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala’s missing plane has been called off with the striker and Brit pilot Dave Ibbotson presumed dead.

According to the Sun UK, Guernsey Police confirmed it is ‘no longer actively searching’ for the missing pair or the light aircraft which vanished over the Channel Islands on Monday.

Harbour Master Captain David Barker said: “We have been unable to find any trace of the aircraft, the pilot or the passenger.

“We reviewed all the information available to use, as well as knowing what emergency equipment was on board, and have taken the difficult decision to end the search.

“The chances of survival at this stage are extremely remote.”

The search crew reportedly searched for 24 hours across three days and covered around 1,700sq. miles without finding a trace of wreckage or the victims.

Search pilot Mike Tidd added: “The area has been very well covered; there is absolutely no chance of finding anybody alive now.

“The only thing we might be able to do would be pinpoint where the aircraft went in but I think the radar trace is going to be the best opportunity of doing that.”

The small private plane carrying the Argentine striker from Nantes Airport to Cardiff when it went missing off Alderney in the Channel Islands on Monday night. The 28-year-old was set to be unveiled by Cardiff City as their new £15million signing the next day before his disappearance.


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