Nigerian Man Reveals The Extent He Went To Make His Wife More Respectful 

A Nigerian man identified as Mustapha Jokolo has many Nigerians in shock after he revealed details of what he did to make his wife more respectful.

Since his post went viral, he has come out to reveal that he copied it and only wanted to see people’s reactions.

Based on the post, he was a good husband to his wife and decided to open up a business for her. With time, the business started blossoming and she earned a lot of money and could not stop sharing details of the success with her husband.

Rather than celebrate her achievements, he revealed that she became so independent and boastful and he found it hard to take it.

He then went on to device a plan to take over the business which he started for her. He claimed that he first sent robbers to empty the shop and proceeded to burn it down.

They, however, controlled the fire and made sure to settle the owner of the building. Many social media users agree that he went to the lowest point just to make sure his wife started seeing him as her lord and majesty again.

Jokolo shared the details on a Facebook group where he revealed that the result of his ‘clipping her wings’ is paying off.

However,he is unhappy that her free time is making her monitor him too much and he is unable to enjoy his extra-marital affairs as much as he used to.


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