Lady who allegedly bled to death ‘wakes up from the dead’, replies her boyfriend Jide

In recent times, there has been news of internet scammers using people for rituals so as to fortify themselves. So it came as no surprise when it was claimed that a video vixen identified as Wendy died after her boyfriend, Jide, allegedly used her for rituals.

Apparently, they shared proof of “Her Last Whatsapp messages” with her best friend, Kate.

Where she revealed that she had a dream that her boyfriend, best used her for ritual, and she began to bled. Apparently, in the chats, she claimed to have woken up and noticed she was bleeding in her private part.

The boyfriend immediately reacted and claimed the chats was false, as Wendy is very much alive, but pretended to be dead to they could extort money from him.

Other sources confirmed that indeed Vitamin Wendy was alive, and the whole drama was a ploy after she found out another lady was pregnant for her boyfriend.

Furthermore, Wendy and her friends made up the story, to deceive the media and everyone on social media.

Wendy has now replied her Boyfriend, Best Jide after he made claims that Wendy and her family wanted to extort him.

In a new Instagram post on her page, below is what she wrote;


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