Boyfriend accused of using his babe Wendy for rituals finally speaks, claims she’s alive

Social media has been abuzz over the news of the supposed death of a Benin based video vixen, Wendy.

In recent times, there has been news of internet scammers using people for rituals so as to fortify themselves. So it came as no surprise when it was claimed that a video vixen identified as Wendy died after her boyfriend, Jide, allegedly used her for rituals.

In a twist of events, Jide has finally spoken up after a brief silence on the matter. He took to his Instagram handle to clear his name as well as explain that his girlfriend is still alive. The young man further explained that her family only wanted to extort him.

Wendy had supposedly explained all these in a chat with a friend. According to the chat, she had a dream that her boyfriend was mad and it was explained that the reason for his madness is that he had used her for rituals.

She further explained that she started to bleed in the dream. Interestingly she also claimed that she was still bleeding when she woke up.

See an excerpt from the chat below:


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