5 beautiful Onwubiko sisters recreate 50-year-old photo in an amazing way

Talk about the perfect family and the Onwubiko sisters might just fit the bill. Still in the spirit of #10yearschallenge, one of the daughters of the five sisters took the challenge up a notch and did 50 years instead.

Identified as Ifeoma on Instagram, she shared a photo from when the sisters were younger versus now that they are much older and still drop dead gorgeous.

Many social media users are calling it the ultimate throwback challenge and find it admirable that the sisters still share a deep bond.

Life happens and people lose the ones they love but the Onwubiko sisters are lucky to still have each other even after 50 years of growth and change. One thing is constant for the family, however, and it is that they all still look as beautiful as they did as young ladies.

Only a few understand how precious it is to have close family members grow old together in peace, love and good health. If there is anything that will make one grateful for life it is the adorable throwback photo of the beautiful sisters.

Her post reads:

Now for the ultimate then and now challenge, 5 beautiful women, my mother and her 4 biological sisters, the most beautiful women I know. I present to you the 50 year challenge of the Onwubiko 5!! All still alive, well and gorgeous!!! Can you tell who is who. Clue: one of them is standing in the same position in both photos.

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