Man narrates his experience after boarding “executive” keke in Lagos (Video)

A certain young man has taken a ride on the executive keke in Lagos and he goes on twitter to share his experience.

He was so shocked to find out that the keke had a tablet which was serving as TV to entertain passengers. The keke driver also placed a jar of free sweets for the passengers in his keke.

Man shares his experience after boarding “executive” keke in Lagos

The special touches weren’t added to the “executive” keke alone but also extended to the driver’s attire. The driver was corporately dressed from head to toe.

@ededejialert shared the video, writing:

“This guy’s Keke I just entered in Surulere now has a Tablet as TV and a container he keeps free sweets for passengers, ??? And we’re even jamming @burnaboy ‘s “Heaven Gate” video. Packaging is packaging low budget or high ?”

See a video below;


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