Linda Ikeji Has Done More For Christ Than Adeboye, Oyedepo, Other Pastors – Daddy Freeze (Video)

Watch the video below;


  1. I want to think this man called daddy freeze is actually freezing out. He is fast loosing his mind as no reasonable human being will live out of focus and just start saying all manner of nonsense simple because he is falling down down into the pit. I am not a fan of the men of God he has been attacking but honestly I want to believe this man is having problems of originality. People with focus dont spend their lives looking at who to run down with their dirty mouth as they have seen that there is no way they can be as successful as those they are attacking. A man that can not manage a single home is here running people who have not only managed their homes well but are busy building lives to the glory of God. Go and build your own ministry and let us see what you have upstairs and stop abusing the privilege of accessibility to media. Daddy Freeze or whatever you are being called, please go and seek God’s face and let Him give an idea on how to live right and be an inspiration by your character and not by this your empty noise.


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