INTERESTING – These Infinix smartphones will make the “Davido Live in Concert” more brighter, better, intelligent and memorable

Smartphones are instruments to preserve moments and memories for a very long time but how that moment is captured hugely depends on what sort of smartphone is being used.

Have you ever been at a concert, everyone is cheering, screaming at the top of their voices in elation, when your favourite act hits the stage, the feeling is sweet and indescribable at the same time, you can’t let the moment slide and fade away so you whip out your smartphone, turn on the selfie camera but the camera quality is poor, the battery level has dropped to 25% despite just getting to the venue less than 30 minutes fully charged at 100%, an outdated OS, awful screen display and the moment doesn’t seem worth capturing anymore simply because of a terrible smartphone.

Infinix brand ambassador, Davido is having his annual concert titled “Davido Live in Concert” at Eko Atlantic, Lagos on the 27th of December 2018 and trust the perfectionist O.B.O to pull all the stops to bring all the best of live shows to those attending.

Davido is also a proud member of the Infinix Intelligent X-Family and it’s not hard to understand why because both entities share quite a number of similarities.

Davido is young, very passionate about his craft and continuously looking for ways to create spellbinding music that sets him apart from his contemporaries. The Intelligent X-Family is made up of young budding individuals with ideas and innovations that could have a ripple effect of betterment within our society.

Both entities are award winners both locally and internationally with a steadily increasing fan base worldwide. The best affiliations are the ones that are built on same core values and Davido’s zeal and work ethic fits right in with the Intelligent X-Family

So, if you are going to attending Davido Live in Concert, you would be better off on the Intelligent X-Family using these next set of Infinix smartphones to make the event more brighter, better, intelligent:

Infinix Hot S3X

Infinix Hot 6X

Infinix Note 5

Infinix Smart 2 Pro

That’s a super impressive line up if you ask me, smartphones that are intelligent, youthful, bold, stylish and still stay up to date with the latest smartphone tech trends. You and your friends get dope selfies, battery life that has covered for the entire concert and maybe a day or two later, sound quality to savour, quick connectivity and screen display that lets you see everything.

Davido Live in Concert would be mad lit with any of these smartphones plus you get to be part of the Intelligent X-Family, the most knowledgeable set of fans within the smartphone world.


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