If Buhari doesn’t stop ignoring Nigerians, being cloned will be the least of his worries – Ben Bruce

Senator Ben Murray Bruce has President Muhammadu Buhari must stop ‘ignoring’ Nigerians at home then go abroad to address foreigners about issues that concern the country.

The Senator’s response comes days after the president finally reacted to the controversies of being dead and cloned in Kraków, Poland.  There have been several conspiracy theories claiming that Buhari died in London, and has been replaced by ‘Jubril’ from Sudan, whom the federal govenment struck a deal with to give 50% of all Nigerian earnings to cover the swap.

Mr Bruce in his reaction, said the attitude portrayed by the president, repeatedly, of addressing foreigners on core issues concerning the country, has made the international media believe that he feels that Nigerians are inferior and foreigners are superior.

Speaking via Twitter on Tuesday, Bruce said that Buhari has to be told to stop, else he would have greater issues to deal with than the issue of having a double.

He wrote:

President Muhammadu Buhari must be told that the international media believes that he feels that Nigerians are inferior and foreigners are superior and that is why he ignores Nigerians and speaks freely abroad. That must change or the cloning story will be the least of his headache!

See tweet


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