FG must quickly nib new armed group in Sokoto in the bud

Since the emergence of a video on social media, showing some strange looking armed men in the Northwestern state of Sokoto, Nigerians have been calling for a thorough investigation to avoid stories that touch.

The fear that leaving it unattended to, by appropriate authorities, may just see the beginning of another terrorist group, while the country was still battling to expel Boko Haram, which has held the Northeast to ransom for many years now.

Joining voice with many other Nigerians, Senator Shehu Sani, representing Kaduna Central at the senate has also called for quick and serious probe of the situation.

According to him, while speaking via social media on Saturday, the government must take seriously the investigation of the armed group that just showed up in Sokoto. He noted that the group must be nibbed in the bud, to avoid another form of armed bandits, which the region was already battling with.

He wrote:

The emergence of an Armed group in Sokoto state must be investigated throughly and taken seriously.

They must be nipped in the bud to prevent the rise of another monster from the North West, where already bandits hold sway in parts of Zamfara and Kaduna state. The FG must act now.


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