Fashion stylist Toyin Lawani states the difference between runs girl & prostitute

Fashion entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani on Friday, November 30, took to her social media page via Instagram to ask a disturbing question. She asked for the difference between a runs girl and a prostitute as she claimed she is confused about what differentiate one from the other.

She further went ahead to give her own understanding of the two and at the end asked to be corrected if she missed it. She wrote:

“Someone just did something so fascinating so I want to know the category I will place her when I do my writeup I am very confused about the two. I know one stands on the road and I know one use connect. But in my own opinion the two are the same. If you can ask for money when a man sleeps with you as form of payment then you are a prostitute. Pls correct me if I’m wrong”


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