Controversial Gifty Powers hints at Singer Mr 2kay not being her daughter’s original father (Screenshots)

Reality TV star and Nollywood actress, Gifty has in some typa way mentioned that Mr 2kay is not the father of her daughter and that she knows who the real father is.

This is coming after the singer made a post via his Instagram page to celebrate Alisha on her 1st birthday, which initially gave the confirmation that he fathered the child with the actress.

However Gifty has just taken to her Insta-story to deny Mr 2kay as the father, with the claim that she is not a baby mam, but a mother and it is only a woman that truly knows who the father of her baby is.

Her words;

Only a mother knows the real true identity of her child’s father, any other noise trying to stay relevant in the industry is nonsense

I am not a baby mama


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