“We just need a capable President in 2019” -Sen Bruce urges Nigerians to vote judiciously

Senator Ben Bruce, the “Common Sense” Advocate, has urged Nigerians to vote judiciously and has cited some factors to consider when choosing the next president. He said that Nigerians should focus on the actual abilities and capabilities, instead of focusing on the tribe, religion and beliefs of these candidates”

“We don’t need a Northern or Southern President or a Christian or a Muslim President. We just need a capable President in 2019” he said


The Bayelsa lawmaker has been constantly involved on social media since assuming office in 2015. He urged Nigerians,via Twitter, to compare their living conditions since 2015 when APC assumed office.

‘Are you better off today than you were in 2015? A simple question. Are you able to eat better today than in 2015? Are yo able to eat better then in 2015? Are you able to look after your health better than in 2015? These are questions that should guide who we vote for in 2019, not who’s from our tribe or religion’








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