The Real Influencer: Amazing Success Story of a Shawarma Seller

Not all heroes they say wear capes and this right here is the story of one, who in the space of days, changed the fortune of a road side shawarma seller, Dolapo, who he patronized.

Twitter user, @badt_BOI_ who is the hero of the day has just giving a clear picture of what being an influencer really is.

Widely known by his over 40K followers as a portrait artist, @badt_BOI_ had visited Dolapo’s mini Shawarma stand which is located at Ojuelegba under bridge three days ago and was pretty satisfied with the quality of what he got at even a good price.

Being his kind of guy, @badt_BOI_ took some pictures of Dolapo’s stand and went on to notify his followers of the miracle of getting a quality Shawarma at just a price of #500.

From there on, Dolapo began gaining more customers than usual, all thanks to @badt_BOI_’s recommendation.





Well, it didn’t end there, yesterday @badt_BOI_ suggested his followers help get Dolapo much larger stand and moreso, since he works under someone, he can as well become his own boss.


Surprisingly, it’s paying off and very soon, Dolapo might just be the owner of one of the biggest Shawarma outlet in Lagos.



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