Kenyan police rescue man from forced circumcision

A 35-year-old taxi man, identified as ‘Brown’ was rescued by the police in Narok, Kenya. According to reports, Brown is set to be have been exhibiting ‘childish’ behaviors, eliciting suspicions among his colleagues.

“We recently got a tip-off from one of his close friends that he was not circumcised. Ironically, he has been insulting people by referring to them as “kihii” (uncircumcised).

We laid an ambush on him and when we stripped him we confirmed that he was indeed uncircumcised” said Joseph karuiki, a boda boda operator.

Sh7,000 was raised for the ‘circumcision fee’ before taking him down to Enkare-Narok River, where they washed him in readiness to make him face the ‘cut’.

Law enforcers had to shoot bullets in the air to rescue him from the charged crowd who vowed not to allow Brown into the community until his circumcision process was concluded.


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