If youths empower themselves, they don’t need government jobs- Terry G

Nigerian musician and producer Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known by his stage name Terry G has waded in on the current economic situation in Nigeria, saying youths won’t need government jobs if they empower themselves.

Widely known for his eccentric dress-sense, controversial lyrics and awkward identity Terry G in a recent chat with Showtime, advised that come 2019 Nigerian youths should no longer wait for the government to provide jobs for them but empower themselves by learning a trade or acquiring a vocational skill.

He said;

“My advice to the youth is that it’s all in their hands, if they have handwork it’s better for them. If they don’t, they should look for one to learn; they can’t keep relying on the government because the government also needs the support of the youths. If they are diligent at whatever they do, they will reap the benefits, instead of waiting on the government.”


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