Ganduje has been an exemplary governor, says Buhari






President Buhari has praised Kano state governor, Umar Ganduje, for his exemplary conduct, despite allegations of the governor receiving bribes, putting his position as governor in question.

President Buhari acknowledged the behavior of the governor  and cited several healthcare and education projects Ganduje has completed.


In his words:

“So I complement the governor for doing so much because he invited me here so I went to Kano. The good project started by Kwankwaso in education and healthcare which is a lot of emphasis that should be made for the ordinary Nigerian. If it were another person, he could have no other ambition than that. This is the project he started, he diverted the balance of the money to go contest for presidency instead of completing. But he (Ganduje) completed the projects and Kano people are enjoying the benefits. I think that’s very responsible of him. I think he’s done very well.”


Ganduje had previously been in the news over allegedly receiving bribes regularly from contractors handling projects in the state. Five different video clips had gone viral on social media, showing the governor accepting bundles of dollar notes from an unidentified contractor.


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