Couple celebrating birthday escape death as stray bullet penetrates their house (Photos)

A Nigerian woman identified as Blessing Essien has told a startling story about how she and others escaped death recently.

Mrs Blessing explained that while they were busy celebrating her husband’s birthday yesterday, they heard a loud bang and discovered that a stray bullet had pierced the roof of their home and landed inside the house.

Miraculously, it did not touch anyone as it went straight to the floor.

Apparently filled with gratitude to God, Mrs Blessing shared her testimony Facebook.

She write: “….. And God saved us, the devil lost the battle.

“Yesterday, while we were celebrating my husband’s birthday at home we heard a loud sound just to discover something horrific happened.
A stray bullet from the house of assembly area pierced the roof, scattered the ceiling and landed on the floor of my house. I would have lost someone if that bullet rested on anyone………

“Dear legislators, Federal might, political thugs, Nigeria police, Our dear Governor and beloved people of Akwa Ibom State, there are people who are not interested in political interests, money sharing and tussles. We just want a peaceful State where we can move about and do our businesses freely, the lives of our people are in great danger,

“let absolute peace be restored to this state. We don’t have another Akwa Ibom state.

“Join us glorify God for sparing our lives once again……. and there shall be no loss. To God be all the glory”

Below are photos of the stray bullet and the roof it pierced.


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