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Corruption Allegation: Leave Me Alone, Face Transparency International – Jonathan Tells Presidency



Former President Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria’s former president, Goodluck Jonathan has told the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to leave him alone and face Transparency International, who claimed that Nigeria was more corrupt today than under the last Peoples Democratic Party government, according to a Punch report.

Jonathan made this known through his media office and signed by his former media aide, Reno Omokri.

The statement accused the presidency of showing signs of guilty conscience in its manner of response to the contents of the new book, launched by the former president, titled, My Transition Hours.

Part of the statement read, “it is just evidence of a guilty conscience. As Shakespeare said “”The lady doth protest too much, methinks”.


“First and foremost, it was not former President Jonathan who said Nigeria is more corrupt today than it was under the last Peoples Democratic Party administration. That fact was actually stated by Transparency International, the only global body acknowledged as an independent rating agency for corruption.

“Whereas under Jonathan and the PDP, Nigeria made her best ever improvement on Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, moving eight places forward from 144 to 136 in 2014, but under President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, Nigeria has made her worst ever retrogression, moving backwards 12 places from 136 to 148. This is a fact.”

The statement added, “And other people have stated the obvious besides Transparency International, one of them being Ms. Priti Patel, immediate past UK Secretary of State for International Development, who this week described President Buhari’s anti-corruption war as a sham and an impediment to Nigeria and urged foreign direct investors to shun Nigeria because of Buhari.

“Predictably, President Buhari’s faithful slanderer, Garba Shehu, threw diplomatic etiquette to the winds and hurled invectives at Ms. Patel.

“But Mr. Garba Shehu forgot to tell Nigerians how his boss, President Muhammadu Buhari went to Paris and praised the Governor of Kano state, a man caught on camera hiding dollar bribes in his babanriga. Yet, they charged Ayo Fayose and refused to charge Babachir Lawal.

“Even the blind can see the corruption of this administration and the deaf can hear it. With questionable certificates, fraudulent #NextLevel logo and document, plagiarizing speeches of both Barrack Obama and Charles DeGaulle. Not to talk of the $25 billion dollars’ worth of contracts awarded without due process at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation as revealed in Mr. Ibe Kachikwu’s leaked memo, Aisha Buhari’s ADC’s looted billions and the reinstatement and promotion of a thief like Maina.

“Besides, if the Buhari administration is upset at their gold medal for corruption, they should not take out their frustrations at Mr. Jonathan. They should face the umpire who gave them the award, Transparency International.

“Moreover, Garba Shehu descended further into his dark art of lying when he falsely alleged that Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweka warned Dr. Jonathan about saving but she was rebuffed.

“That is an obvious lie and is easily demolished by the accounts in Mrs. Iweala’s book, Fighting Corruption is Dangerous. In her book, Mrs. Okonjo-Iweala said she warned the Governors, but APC Governors led by Rotimi Amaechi, refused to save. Must Garba twist the truth with such satanic abandon?

“This is an administration where the minister of power Tunde Fashola tells the Yoruba ethnic nationality to vote President Buhari and the Southwest will get the Presidency in 2023. The next day, Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the Federal Government, told the Igbos to vote for President Buhari and get the Presidency in 2023. They cannot even harmonize their LIES.

“Lies such as the claim that in 16 years of being in office, President Jonathan and the PDP achieved nothing. Meanwhile, the only federal university in President Buhari’s home state was built by Dr. Jonathan. He built 165 almajiri schools, Abuja-Kaduna super-fast railway, four power stations, four hospitals and revived the nationwide rail service. Question for Garba, can he name even one project which was initiated, started and completed in the last three and a half years by President Buhari?

“In conclusion, we urge Garba Shehu to grow a spine and tell his boss the truth about his corrupt laden administration instead of coming out to insult the PDP, a party which brought him to national limelight.”

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Come and enter government” – Desmond Elliot tells youth. (Video)



Come and enter government” – Desmond Elliot tells youth. (Video)


Nigerian lawmaker, Desmond Elliot has joined other Nigerian politicians in clamouring for regulation of social media.

The Lagos legislator and Nollywood actor, says Nigerian youths display rude behaviour on social media


In the video, the Actor-turned-Lawmaker called on the youth to get into Government if they are tired.

He said ;

Mr. Speaker, we need to adress certain things ;

The Nigerian Youth, The Social Media, The Social Influencers, All of these are making the narrative that we are seeing today, except we are joking with ourselves.

Social media is good but it has Negative impacts.

Let me thank you for condeming the killings and carnage that happened at Lekki. When i went through the comments i could not believe it Mr. Speaker, the curses, the abuses from children and i ask myslef, is this Nigeria ? What is going on?

Children cursing, people having the effontery to enter an Oba’s palace, hold the staff of office ? Culture is gone. Mr. Speaker, in the next 5 years, there will be no Nigeria if we don’t act now.

The youth is not only those who do the peaceful protest, but those who have looted and destroyed lives are also youths as well.

He also seized the opportunity to plead with Nigerian celebrities, social media influencers and motivational speakers to “tune down on the hate narrative.”

He said the youth have a constitutional means to change government and it is called the ‘PVC’.

He added ;

Go to the elections, if you are tired come and enter government. People are dying. The narrative must change.

See the clip below;

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Ugandan man slumps, dies ten days to his wedding



An Ugandan man, Raymond Steven Sekitayira slumped and died a few days to his wedding in Kampala.


man dies 10 days

Information Nigeria gathered that Sekitayira, who slumped at his office, was rushed to IHK hospital where he gave up the ghost.

His death was announced by Rotaract Club of Nateete Kampala on Thursday morning.

man slumps

The wedding to his beau, Joy Nekesa was scheduled to hold on Saturday, November 7th, 2020 and the introduction ceremony was to hold on Saturday, October 31, at the bride’s family home.

man slumps


“With deep sorrow , we announce the passing of RAYMOND STEVEN Sekitayira, a Past President, Treasurer, SAA and many other hats wore while at the Rotaract club of Nateete Kampala. His impact will forever be felt among us. Heartfelt condolences go out to Friends and family.” the statement reads.

Friends and colleagues have taken to social media to mourn the deceased.

man slumps

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Davido slams Desmond Elliot over calls for social media regulations



Davido slams Desmond Elliot over calls for social media regulations

Music entertainer, Davido, has slammed Lagos lawmaker, Desmond Elliot over his calls for social media regulation.

Information Nigeria recalls that Elliot, a Nollywood actor on Wednesday joined other Nigerian politicians in calling for the regulation on social media.

But, in a tweet on Thursday, Davido said all the memories Desmond Elliot gave him through his movies as a child has just been destroyed because of what he said about social media.

His tweet reads:

Desmond Elliot just destroyed all the precious childhood memories he gave us in movies



Elliot has earlier taken to Instagram to deny the allegation of being one of those pushing for an anti-social media bill to stifle free speech.

Reacting to the lawmaker’s denial of the allegation, a Twitter influencer and medical doctor, Dr Olufunmilayo challenged him to let the whole world see the video of what he said about social media regulation.


Watch video below:


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