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My encounter with a woman in traffic who sent millions to my mum – Small Doctor shares emotional story



Popular Nigerian singer, Temitope Adekunle, widely known as Small Doctor, has taken to his Instagram page to share an emotional story as he counted his many blessings, while sending big appreciation to a Samaritan woman who touched his life at first meeting.

Small Doctor said that it all happened when he embarked on a road trip from Ogun State back to Lagos in an attempt to catch up his next show. He said his first encounter with the good Samaritan woman was when he was stuck in traffic until she made way for him.

Long story short, the lady in question blessed his mother with a huge amount of money running in millions. Small Doctor’s story is an appreciation to one Mrs Taiwo.

Read how he narrated his story in full below;

“I HAVE A STORY TO TELL… One Fateful Day I Got A Mail From The Management Stating I Have A Show In Ibadan For 2pm And Also Another In Lagos For 10pm The Same Day.

Fast Forward To The Show Day. Immediately I Finished Performing In Ibadan, Back To The Hotel Room For A Little Rest Before We Embark On Our Journey To Lagos For The 10pm Performance. Boom We Got Another Call From The Booking Desk Saying My Call Time In Lagos Is 5:30pm That It Was A Mistake. Immediately I Checked The Time 3:26. I Asked Myself I Won Disappear? Naso We Enter Road… Zoom Zoom Zoom … We Arrived FRSC 7UP 4:17… Come See Speed. Ori Iya Mi Oo… Naso We Jam Hold Up.

I Asked Everybody In The Car What’s The Way Forward? No Response Ooo. Naso One Public Transport Bus Wey Convoy Shift Slightly Scratch My Side Mirror. As I No Fit Complain Not To Worsen The Matter If Bois Sight Me Naso I Wine Down Small To Adjust My Side Mirror.

One Driver For The Convoy Sight Me Come Press Horn Take Hail Me Based On Say Oga Dey Inside Car He No Fit Talk, Naso I Hail Am Back With Horn. Few Min Later, This Time Was Around 4:30 Some Heavily Armed Men Came To My Car Saying Oga Move Dey Follow Us. I Was Like Wetin Happen, They Never Waited To Hear From Me They Just Dey Clear Road Dey Go.

Still Wondering Tho And Again I Dey Happy. As We Approach The End Of The Hold Up I Saw The Same Convoy That Made The Public Transport Driver Scratch My Car, On Getting To The Spot, The Armed Men Got Into The Security Van And Zoom They Moved Without Uttering A Word Or Either Waiting For Any Appreciation. Time Is 5:02. Just From 7Up To The Next Bus Stop 30min And I Still Dey Go Island.

Immediately I Zoomed And Followed The Convoy Based On Say Na Still The Same Route Make I Enjoy Power Small. We Departed In Ikoyi Dem Leave Me With My Cross. Thank God Me Too Don Reach Where I Dey Go. Entering The Venue It Was Already My Call Time The Hype Man Don Dey Hype Down Wey Una Never See Artiste. Naso I Enter Stage Do My Thing.

On My Way Home We All Was Still Amazed At What Happened. How Unknown People Saved My Career And Reputation. Weeks After I Got A Dm From A Very Beautiful Woman Saying She Was The One Who Instructed Some Armed Men To Come Get Me In The Hold Up.

How Did You Know It Was Me Ma? She Said Her Driver Told Her… I Was Like Momma Do You Know You Saved A Generation? She Laughed. For My Mind I Was Like She Doesn’t Know What She Did. Naso I Compose One 2A Book Note Take Thank Her. She Asked About My Mum. I Was Like She’s Doing Good. Next Text Was Please Can You Send Me Her Account Number?… Was Like Uhhhhhhhh.

I Kuku Send Am… I Slept Off . Waking Up To Her Dm Of A Transaction Been Made… So Many Zeros… I Messaged Back With Tears , Asking Her Mummy Why Did You Do This? She Said She’s A Fan And She Knows I Appreciate My Mum. She Decided Not To Ask For My Account Details Because She Knows So Many Of Such Would Have Occurred To Me.

So She Decided To Give My Mum Cos She Adores Hers A Lot Too.. I’m Still In Shock Till Now… Naso iya TEACHER Called Me That Why Did I Send That Huge Money, That Do I Want Her To Keep It For Me? Naso I Narrate Matter Give Her… Prayer Won Finish From Where She Dey Get Am… The Funniest Part Is My Mum Keeps Saying She Wants To Go And Say Thank You To The Woman, Likewise I Want To Go And Prostrate At Her Gate For Appreciating My Amor.

Madam Is Always Busy, We Have Made Appointments For Like Several Times But Things Always Pops Up From Her Side. She Said Abroad Is Her Leisure Place That We Can Get To Talk There, I Travel Go.. Madam Busy Oooo… Anywhere You Are Mrs TAIWO I Want You To Know My FAMILY Appreciates You Till FADE. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS.. AMEN… BLESSINGS WE NEVER EXPECTED WILL LOCATE US ALL. iyanu MASHELE SOONEST.”


The Contribution of Sports Betting to the Economy of Nigeria



Most of us have grown up with gambling lore that left us petrified to our core. Gambling ruins lives, gives rise to financial and legal problems.

This is all that we have grown up learning. However, this is only partly true and must not be taken too seriously. Sure, gambling has its disadvantages and evils.

However, the activity, in its entirety, is not addictive. It is what humans make out of it. Human beings give up self-control and spiral into a bottomless pit of despair due to that.

Gambling, when indulged in appropriately, does no harm. In fact, it is one of the biggest industries and contributes significantly to the global economy.

The moot point of this article is to have a look at the betting industry of Nigeria. While we do that, we shall also examine how much the industry contributes to the economy of the nation.

Therefore, let us now have a look at the industry and venture a few important points throughout
the article.

How Does the Betting Industry of Nigeria Look Like?

The gambling industry of Nigeria resides in the areas of gray. One cannot look at it in either black or white.

Gambling activities are considered illegal in Nigeria, with the exception of a few. And betting on sports happens to be one of those exceptions.

Online gambling in Nigeria is allowed only on offshore-owned and operated casinos. Locally operated casinos are not allowed to function in the land.

Now speaking of betting, one must note that the betting industry happens to be a key player in Nigeria’s economy. There are over fifty functional and legal betting sites in Nigeria.

As we mentioned before, betting is entirely legal, unlike online gambling. All those who want to gamble on sites like can do so with the use of VPNs.

Nigerians are incredibly passionate as a people about their sports. That is why the idea of making money by betting on their favorite sports has a lot of appeal.

With about 200 million people in the country, the betting industry has found a solid footing in the market. It has been estimated that over the last few decades, Nigeria has grown to become the second-largest betting market in South Africa.

Over 60 million people find entertainment through online betting sites in South Africa. Therefore, one can understand, going by the statistics that Nigeria has evolved over the last few years when it comes to betting.

Reasons for this Massive Growth in the Popularity of Online Betting:

One of the primary reasons for this massive popularity in online betting is the increase in technological innovations.

Nigeria, over the past few years, has seen technological expansion and super-fast connectivity. Almost everyone has access to smartphones now.

This is what makes it so easy for people of every age group to bet online. The constraints that the nation had in technology and connectivity are no longer an issue.

It is estimated that in the next few years, the country shall see more such innovations and expansion. This will, therefore, act further as a catalyst to the growth of the online betting industry.

The Government is Now Tightening the Noose around Online Betting to Raise Revenue:

As we already mentioned a few times before that Nigeria had strict laws related to online gambling.

The government also did not pay much attention to the betting industry. However, things have changed now and shall change further down the line.

The Nigerian government is now formulating some strict laws so that it could pull the revenue from betting into the coffers.

This is also one of the most significant reasons for the growth in Nigeria’s economy. Online betting is a lucrative industry, and we can already deduce that from we discussed.

With the government paying more attention to the industry, crime rates can be reduced, and better revenue can be raised.

If anything, the involvement of the Nigerian government shall only serve as a fresh change. Plus, with a better structure in the betting industry, more people can find jobs and livelihood.

Wrapping It Up:

We can see how the online betting industry of Nigeria has become one of the chief contributors
to its economy.

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  • Chat System (SportyChat)

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What Is The Entourage Effect?



The cannabis plant holds complexities beyond what we currently understand. Researchers know that the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In addition to THC, there are a myriad of other cannabinoids and terpenes that science has less of an understanding about. The entourage effect is a theory that the other compounds from cannabis, including cannabidiol (CBD) commonly found in hemp flower and a range of compounds that are not well-known to most consumers, alter the psychoactive effect of the plant. It’s this effect that many believe is the true reason CBD hemp flower in its raw form is such an effective therapy. Online companies such as Cannaflower exclusively sell only hemp flower for this very reason, it tends to be the most potent form of delivering CBD because of the entourage effect.

Why The Entourage Effect is Important

Here’s why the entourage effect is potentially important: CBD and other cannabis compounds could mitigate the psychotic effects of THC, reducing its negative impact on the body and making it more useful therapeutically. Conversely and complementing this, the micro doses of THC that are contained in hemp flower might be necessary to fully appreciate the benefits of the CBD. This means that THC, CBD and all of the other compounds in cannabis may have the greatest beneficial effects with the least side effects when used in combination.

Researchers have also found that there are a range of terpenes – or volatile oily compounds – in the hemp flower and other Cannabis sativa plant varieties. Many of them are reported to have specific therapeutic effects. Terpenes may actually be at least partially responsible for the overall mood of a specific cannabis flower. They have not all been studied for pharmacological effects, however.

Research On The Entourage Effect

Today’s uses of cannabis products for medical purposes, including CBD hemp flower products, may only be scratching the surface of the plant’s usefulness. Smoking or vaporizing the cannabis plant introduces hundreds of compounds into the body, many with specific effects and potential benefits that are not completely understood. It seems likely that these compounds may interact in ways that are not understood either.

Research has shown some allegorical evidence to indicate complex interactions. A 2010 study, for example, showed that when cancer patients were given a combination of THC and CBD, they had less pain than those who were given THC alone. This study and most others have not taken into consideration the many other cannabinoids that were present in the combined treatment, including CBC, CBN and aromatic terpenes.

The entourage effect theory has been described in a review of studies written by pharmacologist and neurologist Dr. Ethan Russo, a longtime researcher of cannabis compounds. He detailed the benefits of certain cannabis compounds and described potential complementary or synergistic effects of these compounds.

Russo found, for example, that CDG and CBD have been shown to inhibit MRSA staph infections, but questioned in his research how they might work even better when combined with pinene, a specific terpene. He also asked if certain terpenes could increase the ability of the other compounds to permeate the skin.

THC, CBD and these other terpenes in combination could work together to better help induce sleep or address inflammation and pain than THC alone or only THC and CBD with no other compounds.

Other potential synergies Russo noted in his research include these:

  • Pinene, a pine-scented terpene, could help prevent memory issues associated with THC.
  • Caryophyllene, a peppery terpene, could help treat addiction when used along with CBD.
  • Limonene, a citrusy compound, might work alongside CBD to help reduce anxiety.
  • The cannabinoid CBN could cause beneficial sedation when used with THC.

The entourage effect is a theory that’s only partially proven, but additional research is likely as consumers learn about the possibilities and become more interested in concrete evidence.

Not All Products Are Alike

Not all cannabis products on the market can provide the benefits of the entourage effect. That’s because synergistic compounds are often refined out of them as they are purified and prepared for consumers. This is intentional and often done for compliance purposes, but it may prove to be a bad idea for some therapeutic uses.

Hemp flower and other cannabis flower products contain the widest array of terpenes and cannabinoids because they are raw products. Still, some extracts also contain a variety of these compounds. Such products are called full-spectrum or broad-spectrum cannabis extracts and can include vape cartridges, ingestible capsules, dabs and more.

Refined cannabis products that don’t contain the full spectrum of compounds are called isolates and may contact only THC or CBD. These single-compound products still provide powerful medicinal benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked, but the greatest potential may lie with broad-spectrum products. Many isolates and broad spectrum products may simply fall short in providing the full benefits of therapy because components of the whole plant’s compounds have been removed.

While more research is needed, the implications of the entourage effect are clear: The cannabis plant holds many secrets that researchers have not yet uncovered.

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