Chioma gets called “Ugly” shortly after her boyfriend Davido called a teenager ugly, she reacts

A 17-year-old African-American Lady, earlier today dragged Davido through the mud, after the latter slid into her DM to call her “broke, fat & ugly”.

It all started when she shaded Davido on Cardi B’s page.. She shaded Davido by writing, “That’s wassup, when you write your own songs”.

On seeing this, Davido slid into her DM, called her ‘Broke fat and ugly’.

Here’s what she wrote in reaction.. Followed by screenshots of the messages Davido sent her.

Let me tell y’all how your favorite took his time to slide in my dm to bully me calling me name, ugly, fat, broke, mind you I only commented on his comment on cardi page. A girl was rapping, he @davidoofficial commented, “damn”, then I said “THAT WASSUP WHEN YOU WRITE YOUR OWN SONG”.

Matter of fact this is a fact google tells you, YouTube we all know even singer teni said she wrote a song for him.

So I didn’t know your favorite was mad mad. Incase you didn’t know I am 17, this grown ass man took his time, I guess I am important for him to go on my page click send message and even type lol.

Some of y’all might say I am lying or whatever byt screenshot don’t lie. He block me btw. Let talk about how this privileged people misuse it. We all humans. Like damn have caution you don’t talk to people like that okay. Mind you he is calling me ugly at my age you wasn’t even cute. lol.

We all see the throw back I am fat have you measured yourself Lmaoo and yes I am Broke who deson’t know maybe you can pay my Tuition for college since you be 30BG. It not about the money you have it about how do you talk to people yes y’all might say he is good too people and all but sometimes for show off good guy. That is my little experience. But I am disappointed.

Meanwhile, Davido’s girlfriend, Chioma was called ugly by a follower on Instagram shortly after Davido called a teenager “ugly, fat, and broke”

The follower sent Chioma a DM with only one word – “ugly”. In reply, Chioma shared a screenshot of the message. She also shared a photo of the troll and wrote:

Sometimes look at yourself before you insult anybody.

Y’all know I’m so cmmitted to ‘minding my business’ so anyone coming for me has a problem fr.

See the post below:


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