Buhari commissions new Terminal Building of the Port Harcourt International Airport(Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari was in Rivers State on Thursday to commission the new Terminal Building of the Port Harcourt International Airport, Rivers State.

According to the President, that project t is a landmark not only for air travellers in the South South but nationally.

I commissioned the new International Terminal of the Port Harcourt Airport. A significant landmark for International air travellers, not just from the South South region, but also the entire Country.
We will continue to upgrade Nigeria’s transport and power infrastructure. Our intention in this administration is simple and clear: we will fix Nigeria’s infrastructure; we will improve the lives and living conditions of the poor, through our emphasis on agriculture and social investment. We will invest in the people of Nigeria.

The president said that the common wealth of the nation, for a longtime only benefitted a greedy minority. Buhari noted that though there were years were crude oil sale boomed, it didn’t translate into development for the country.

For a long time Nigeria’s wealth was used to benefit only a greedy minority. Years of high oil revenues failed to translate into improvements in infrastructure or quality of living.

He further stated that his administration will not follow the path of its predecessors.

Our administration was elected to break free from that past; we will be steadfast in this mission.

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