Why start in Osun? Osinbajo ‘lowkey’buying votes in the name of TraderMoni

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo on Monday launched empowerment programme for 30,000 petty traders in Osun state.

Prof Osinbajo, yesterday arrived Iwo, to launch empower programme, TraderMoni.

According to him, “TraderMoni scheme, is targeted at petty traders, market women, artisans and small scale business enterprises to cater for ultra-micro enterprises.”

“The policy of the Federal Government is to support businesses, not just big business but particularly small, medium-sized businesses and micro businesses. The whole idea is that we want to ensure that we give whatever support to people to alleviate their businesses.

“For instance, if we give you N10,000 and refund within six months then you are qualified to collect N15,000. If you pay back the sum of N15,000 you are qualified to get N20,000,” he said.

The TraderMoni, which is expected to empower 30,000 petty traders in the state has been identified as ‘low-key’ vote buying by the vice president.

The Osun state gubernatorial election is set to take place later this month and some Nigerians are of the opinion that the scheme is a way of buying votes from the electorates.

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