UEFA Champions League Final: What Cristiano Ronaldo Told Us In The Dressing Room Before The Game – Gareth Bale

The new Real Madrid talisman, Gareth Bale, today revealed what former Los Blancos striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, told them before the game against Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League finals – that made them played with hunger and passion.

Ronaldo, who is the only player in history to surpass 30 goals in five consecutive seasons in a major European league before leaving for Juventus is said to be obsessed with Champions League and even went out of his way to motivate his team mates.

He was said to have rallied them and told them to give their all in order to go into the book of history not only at Real Madrid but set a World standard.

What he said:

“Win and make history.” ”Lets fight with all we’ve got.”



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