“Stay gucci and drink a lot of water” – Hushpuppi tells his fans as he shares interesting health tips

Malaysia-based Nigerian, Ray Hushpuppi popularly known for his flamboyant lifestyle on social media is sure living his best life and if he isn’t, at least he has all the Gucci in the world to keep him company. Thanks to social media, he has found fame for being a proud lover of luxury designers.

Hushpuppi is all about teasing people while flaunting his wealth on social media.

If he’s not on some fancy roof top, enjoying expensive meals, he is flying first class to his next vacation spot. He decided to try another route this time and resulted to sharing health tips to his followers.

In a hilarious post, he revealed that his doctor prescribed staying Guccified and drinking lots of water.

Here’s his post below:

I’m doing just what the doctors prescribed me, Stay gucci and drink a lot of water #Gucci

Many people are familiar with drinking loads of water health tip but the Gucci part is what got a lot of people confused.

Clearly, only Hushpuppi understands the kind of language he is speaking. He of course shared the tip rocking Gucci, so yes, it’s not hard to decipher his message.


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