Nigerian lady shares story of how she dated four men at the same time for different purposes

Beautiful Nigerian lady, relationship expert and brand influence, Okoro Blessing Nkiruka, has taken to her Instagram handle to share a story of how she once dated four men at the same time.

She added that it was stressful but managed to pull through till she gave up on all of them including the ‘big god’.

According to Nkiruka, she disclosed that each man had their responsibilities. She stated that one was her money bag as he is always ready to spend on her.

The second was good in bed, third was very intellectual while the last was good with domestic chores.

Her post reads:

“Once upon a time I use to have 4 men in my life. Big god…Money, F*ck boy…s*x, Book boy.. Intellectual and One house boy…domestic chores. My life was so miserable because I had to lie away my destiny to prove my fidelity to all of them so that I can get there best. One day I had to call my friend to borrow me lies but she said she used her last lie on her man friend, so I was just hopeless.

The house boy loved me so much but had nothing to offer so he just comes to run errands for me and stay with me for nothing. The f*ck boy was so good bed but had no skills or money just s*x is his work.

The book boy was always talking education, masters, PhD, professional courses. And the big god was Mr cash, just buy anything u like but don’t cheat. I had 4 sim cards for all of them and it was draining. I fainted one day because of too much drama.

So I just made up my mind one day to be responsible before I die. Until I found bobo. He is 4 in 1. I call him talk and do. If bobo tell u anything just go and sleep because it is done. Bobo is the only man that believes all I say, the only man I triple school fees for and he pay without blinking. The only man that gives me money to buy cake on his own birthday.

Sometimes I wish I can post ur pictures here but No let that be the only secret I have biko. I will hide u in my heart till forever oo. So young ladies what is the moral of this my story? When I tell u am a relationship expert with experience don’t play with me. So it’s ok to be foolish before you become wise. But it is wiser to learn from other people’s foolishness and get wiser. Foolishness can ruin your life o.”


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