Igbo woman holds her traditional marriage with white groom in Italy

The beauty about love is the fact that it speaks a universal language which connects people of all colour, language and race.

Everyday, beautiful stories of people from different races falling in love continue to pop up and it was no different for this Eastern Nigerian bride who got married to her Italian lover in Rome.

A video of the traditional wedding ceremony was shared on a Facebook page identified as Igbo Italian, a platform for Eastern Nigerians based in Italy.

In the video, the beautiful bride is seen searching for her husband with a cup of drink, which is according to the Igbo custom.

However, what got people talking was the impressive Igbo regalia the groom donned from head to toe, alongside his family and friends who were present to witness the beautiful union.

There was major applause and jubilation as the bride eventually found her groom and they both drank from the cup.

According to the Igbo custom, the bride is meant to give a cup of palm wine to the man she intends to marry on the day of the wedding.


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