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How To Save Money For Your Next Vacation



S?m? ????l? forgo h?ving a v???ti?n b???u?? th?? think that th?? n??d to ???nd a fortune ju?t t? g? ?n a trip. The truth i?, g?ing ?n a trip d??? n?t have to b? expensive if you kn?w th? ?r??tiv? tips on h?w to ??v? money. Now that I want to take you on long trip on how you can save money for your next travel, you really need to check out for Cheap Flights and below are s?m? tips that are ?r? ?num?r?t?d f?r your ??ru??l.


Don’t G? T?? Far When Travelling
This m?k?? ??n?? incase you don’t know. If ??u d?n’t w?nt t? spend much, don’t go too far. If ??u h?v? a v???ti?n just ?w?? from ??ur l???ti?n, like travelling to the UK, you won’t have to spend more on travelling far from Nigeria. Pl?nning a nearby vacation i? ?l?? mu?h ???i?r and simpler with the help of Travelstart Nigeria. Aft?r ?ll, it’s not ?b?ut th? distance but th? ?u?lit? ?f the v???ti?n th?t ??u will have. Ev?n if you traveled t? a far-flung exotic d??tin?ti?n but if ??u’r? ??n?t?ntl? stressed ?b?ut th? m?n?? you’re shelling ?ut, th? v???ti?n w?uld b? t? n? ?v?il.

Ch??k Tr?v?l W?b?it??
Tr?v?l w?b?it?? like ?lw??? h?v? promotional di???unt? th?t ??u can t?k? advantage of. There are plenty of last minute d??l? ?? w?ll as ??rl? bird di???unt? th?t you would want t? get ??ur h?nd? ?n. Checking th??? w?b?it?? ??n?t?ntl? w?uld allow ??u t? get ?ui?k ?????? t? th??? di???unt? that will giv? ??u m?ximum ??ving? and also lots of freebies like checking of Flight Routes.

Avoid Travel Insurance
Tr?v?l in?ur?n?? can be so ?x??n?iv?. If ??u’r? g?ing t? g?t in?ur?n?? (which you ?h?uld), ??u n??d t? ?x?min? the in?ur?n?? ??li?i?? that ??u ?urr?ntl? have. Thi? i? im??rt?nt ?? ??u ??n ?v?id wasting m?n?? on ??v?r?g? ?v?rl??. F?r ?x?m?l?, if ??u ?lr??d? have h??lth in?ur?n??, you may no longer n??d visitor m?di??l insurance unl??? ??u’r? not ??v?r?d during ??ur tr?v?l? “understand this tip”. You would w?nt to inv??t ?n other types ?f tr?v?l in?ur?n?? lik? th? flight cancellation insurance ?????i?ll? if you b??k?d with an ?irlin? known for h?ving occasional trip cancellations.

Pack ?uffi?i?nt Food
When you want to travel, f??d i? ?n? thing that will eat u? ??ur tr?v?l budg?t incase you don’t know. If ??u want t? ??v? money for travel, packing of sufficient will do nothing but help you save more. This w??, ??u ??n ?v?id spending a l?t ?f m?n?? eating ?t restaurants. It would be b?tt?r if you ??n ?t?? in a v???ti?n home that has a full? ??ui???d kitchen ?? ??u can ??t th?r? in?t??d ?f restaurants.

Try G? ??m?ing
C?m?ing is a v?r? ?h??? way t? go ?n a v???ti?n. If you g? ??m?ing, ??u n? l?ng?r h?v? t? pay f?r h?t?l ?r bu? ?n ?irlin? ti?k?t. Th?r? ?r? ?r?b?bl? l?t? ?f nearby camping ?it?? in ??ur ?t?t?. Not ?nl? th?t, ??m?ing is also fun b???u?? it will bring you ?l??? to nature and at the ??m? tim?, allow you t? ?nj?? a multitud? ?f fun ??tiviti??.

This are tips you can use to save money for travel and there are whole lot of ways if you surf the web, try get this tips to help you save more on your next travel and feel free to drop us a comment to know how far the tips worked for you.


BBNaija’s Cee-C Shares Stunning New Photos



Former BBNaija ‘Double Wahala’ housemate, Cynthia Nwadiora, popularly known as Cee-C has shared stunning photos of herself on Instagram.

The 28-year-old lawyer turned reality TV star took to her Instagram page to share the photos.

Her caption simply reads:

Wedding Guest”

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In the pictures, it can be seen that the multiple brand influencer is not worried about showing off some skin.

The ankara outfit shows her cleavage and also reveals her well-toned legs with the long slit.

Information Nigeria recalls the media personality found time to flaunt her law degree certificate on her page as a note of warning to detractors saying she is a counterfeit lawyer.

See her pictures below:



More photo


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Singer CKay Signs New Deal With Warner Music




Nigerian Artiste CKay

Nigerian singer, Chuwuka Ekweani, also known as CKay, has just been signed to the South African branch of Warner Music.

The fast-rising artist will also release his second studio album in 2021.

Excited to have him on board, Warner Music South Africa took to their official Twitter handle to tweet thus:

“We’re thrilled to welcome at @ckay_yo to the Warner Music family! The star is working on his sophomore album and first major label debut which is set to drop in 2021! Welcome to the family, CKay!”

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CKay is also a featured artist on Davido’s third studio album dubbed ‘A Better Time’.

See their official tweet below:

Warner Music’s tweet


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Ebuka Obi-Uchendu Pens Heartfelt Message To His Wife On Her Birthday



Ebuka's Wife

Ebuka and his wife, Cynthia

Popular media personality, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has taken to his Instagram page to celebrate his wife, Cynthia as she clocks a new age.

The media personality celebrated his wife on her birthday by posting a couple of photos of her along with a heartfelt message.

Ebuka wrote;

“Happy birthday @justcynthia_o.

Your intense loyalty will never stop blowing my mind. Such a ride or die chick!!! I’m super blessed and grateful to have you in my corner, constantly pushing me to be a better person…
We have many many more birthdays to celebrate together for sure but I’m truly excited for this one ‘cos I know it marks the start of a brand new chapter for you. After all, Onyekachukwu?
Happy new year babe!!! And thank you for having a heart even purer than your teeth 
You know I love you die.”

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See his post below:

The media personality’s post

The media personality’s post

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