General Overview of MB2-717 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Exam

The MB2-717 certification exam is designed to evaluate your ability to carry out technical tasks on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The exam will test your skills in the following areas:

  • Creation of customer organizational structure (20-25%).The section coversthe management of sales process, management of customer records, management of customer communications, management of competitors, and sales literature
  • Management of opportunities and Leads (15-20%). The section coversthe management leads, identification and management of opportunities, utilization of opportunity functionality, and management of opportunity relationships
  • Management of Relationship & Sales Analysis (10-15%). The section coversthe management of relationship intelligence, management of relationship analysis, management of sales using sales analysis tools, and integration of email with Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Management of Sales Process (10-15%). The section covers the management of business process flow, management of price structures, management of products using product catalogue, management of product relationships, and management of sales transactional confirmations
  • Improvement of Sales Performance (10-15%). The section coversthe management of goals and management of visual tools using sales analysis
  • Management of Customer information (15-20%). The section coversthe operation of Dynamics 365 sales functions, performance of data management, and performance lifecycle management

It is important to build your study plan around these topics to be able to understand everything you need to know for the exam. The percentage of each of these skills areas determines the number of specific questions you should expect during the exam. In other words, the higher the percentage on the content, the higher the number of questions you will see on the test. You can learn more about the types of questions from the official Microsoft video tutorials.

Professional Target of the Certification Exam

The MB2-717 certification test is designed for the professionals who want to earn the credential on Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management Online Deployment. The candidates for this exam need to have the skills to implement, maintain, support, and use Microsoft Dynamics 365. The professionals who can sit for the test are sales managers, marketing professionals, solution architects, functional consultants, and project managers. Individuals working as sales staff who have the background in business software solution can also write the credential exam. To qualify for the exam, the specialistsare required to have a moderate level of understanding of sales and marketing processes. In addition to this, the candidates should also possess the knowledge about the fundamental features and components of Microsoft Dynamics 365. They should also understand how it helps in the process of converting opportunities to sales while increasing the organization’s revenues.

Preparing for the Certification Exam

When it comes to exam preparation, it is important to have a plan on how to cover all the topics of the test. With a plan, you can decide on how to break down the topics into segments to enable youto have an effective study. It is recommended that you visit the Certification Exam Overview page and read the test preparation guide.This will help you to get familiar with the various resources available on the site. There are numerous video tutorials, exam question formats samples, information on the registration process, and a lot of other preparation materials. You might also want to read the exam policies to understand the terms and conditions associated with taking the certification test. It is important that you regularly review the preparation guide, especially if you are not taking your exam immediately. This is because the guide is regularly updated to reflect the changes in the Microsoft products.

Depending on your learning style, you can choose from a wide range of learning options available. For instance, you can opt for a self-paced training through the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal. This platform is available to all candidates who already bought their training pack. The training pack can be purchased from the Microsoft PartnerSource. All you have to do is visit the site, check through the different training pack information, and choose the one that is designed for your specific test. The Dynamics Learning Portal courses cover various exam topics on the MB2-717 certification test. These topics include:

  • 81055 – Relationship Management in Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • 81056 – Sales Management in Dynamics 365
  • 81066 – Introduction to Dynamics 365

These online courses offer the necessary tools needed to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 execution for Sales. The courses explore the various components that are utilized with Sales model and how they relate to numerous business scenarios. They also focus on describing Business Processes Flows and offer insights on how to put the customer service at the vanguard of the customer engagement strategy of an organization.

There are other resource tools that can be accessed in preparation for your exam. Many online platforms offer free tools, such as tutorials, tips, insights, resource summary, and others. There are also some other sites that offer paid subscriptions for courses. You don’t have to rely solely on the training offered by the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Portal for your exam preparation. Other reputable online platforms offer training courses to help you make the best of your preparation. Top among these are PrepAway, Udemy, and PluralSight. You can explore any of these sites to get the resources for your preparation process.

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The MB2-717 exam is globally recognized. It can provide you with a job at any organization in any part of the world. Pursuing any credential is a great idea, but you have to be well-prepared for the test. Unlike the other vendors, Microsoft is very strict about the exam process, especially when it comes to your method of preparation. Under no circumstance should you be caught using braindumps for your Microsoft certification exam. This can cost you your credential in the long run. So, when you are preparing for your MB2-717 test, try to stick with legal preparation methods and stay away from exam dumps.


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