Ban of cellphones in polling units: What INEC really said

The Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) had attracted heavy criticisms from Nigerians after the announced a ban on cellphones and any recording device in polling units.

According to the commission, this is to help curb vote buying and selling that has been an issue in recent times.

Many who have commented on the issue, have lambasted the commission for trying to trample on the rights of Nigerians as ‘it doesn’t have the power under law to do so. ‘

Some even argued that this move will even triple rigging as it would make polling agents more ‘bribe-able’.

Well, we took a look at the statement by the commission’s chairman, Yakubu Mamood while speaking with stakeholders in Osogbo but here’s what the statement really means.

As opposed to popular belief or understanding, INEC didn’t ban the use of Smartphone around the polling unit areas, but what INEC really said is that as soon as a prospective voter enters voting cubicle to cast his or her vote, he/she wouldn’t be allowed to go with a cellphone or recording device. With this development, the prospective voter would be able to ‘snap’ sheet as evidence for receiving payment.

Simply put, this will in no small measure cripple ‘See and buy” voter’s snapping sheet as evidence for getting paid by party agents


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