Woman’s Skin Begins To Peel Away After Getting New Tattoo (Photos)

A woman has shared sickening pictures of the painful sores she suffered when a tattoo of a rose went horribly wrong. Toni Mansfield was left in unbearable pain when her skin began to peel away during the inking process, and rushed to A&E.

The 28-year-old, from Flint in North Wales, initially tried to take legal action against the parlour where the tattoo was done, the Daily Post reports.

But tattooists say the mum-of-three said an allergic reaction was likely to blame.

Her hand had begun to swell during her second appointment at the Studio Thir13een parlour in Flint.

Ms Mansfield said she had tried to take legal action against the shop, but because she had signed a disclaimer before she had the work done, her solicitor advised her the case wasn’t likely to go anywhere.

The parlour said it was not responsible for the tattoo going wrong, claiming she may have had an allergic reaction to the ink.

But Ms Mansfield said when she had had the first session to get the outline done, there had been no problem.

Ms Mansfield was put on a course of antibiotics to clear the infection.

Ms Mansfield, who lives in Flint, has now had another tattoo on her hand to cover up the “pink blob” left behind, despite being left “scared” of getting anymore tattoos for 10 months since the incident.


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