Super Eagles Goalkeeper Receives Apologies From Coach After ‘Racist Comment’

Coach of Deportivo La Coruna Carmelo del Pozo says he has explained to Nigerian goalkeeper Francis Odinaka Uzoho the true context of the words he used in describing his demands for a starting spot a few days ago.

While reacting to the position of Uzoho at the club after the signing of another goalkeeper in Ortola, the coach said the Nigerian won’t be his first choice due to several reasons which he has explained to the 19-year-old.

Uzoho’s post on social media shortly after the manager’s comment suggests he was replying to the coach as he said ” We all Know What This Means Now”, although he later cleared the air on what the post is all about, insisting it’s nothing close to what the coach said.

Coach Carmelo didn’t stop there as he once again spared time during the unveiling of David Simon to criticise Uzoho once again, comments which many felt has racial connotations based on the context.

”I hope they do not forget that they are where they are thanks to Deportivo, because they opted for them, others coming from Africa when they did not have clothes or money”, a statement which immediately sparked a reply from Uzoho on his verified Twitter handle.

”I came to this world without clothes, so it’s not so bad that I also came to Europe without clothes. At home they taught me to choose my battle wisely”, he posted before he later deleted it.

The battle between the duo drew a response from the club president Tino Fernadez who even backed the Nigerian goalkeeper at the World Cup and subsequently apologised to him on the comments made by the coach.

”We apologise, and in fact, it is very important for Francis to play. He cannot be the third goalkeeper or even second, even if it’s a Primera team”, the president said during his take on the feud between the duo.

During the presentation of another new player in Domingos Duarte, the coach revealed that he spoke with Uzoho and apologised to them about the comments which many viewed as a racist remark.

” The next day I spoke with Francis and I gave him my explanations and apologies. Our idea has not changed from the first day and it will not change “, the coach said, apparently referring to his decision on Uzoho as the third choice for the first team but first choice for the B team in the third division.


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