See How A Grandmother Fought Thieves Who Tried To Steal Her Car

A grandmother managed to fight off two hooded car thieves outside her home – using her handbag.

CCTV footage has emerged of two hooded men trying to steal her blue Audi Q3 during the attack in broad daylight in Birmingham.

Yet the attackers were stunned after the 55-year-old fought back and reigned down a barrage of punches and hit them with her handbag as she tries to fight them off.

She is first approached from behind by the men as she tries to unlock her front door. After a short tussle with the thieves, they manage to snatch her keys from her and to the car. But she chases after them and can be seen fighting with the attackers.

She told Birmingham Live: ‘I started to tussle with one. I wasn’t sure who had the keys and was trying to prevent them from taking the car.

‘I was shouting and screaming at the top of my voice for help.

‘My neighbour opposite heard the commotion and ran out to help confront them. They then gave up and ran off up the road to a waiting getaway car.’

The grandmother posted the footage on Facebook, where it has since gone viral.

Watch Video Below; 


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