Like Father Like Son: Cristiano Ronaldo’s Son Leaves Real Madrid, Joins Juventus

Five Times Balloon D’Or,Cristiano Ronaldo, oldest son ,Ronaldo Jnr, has followed in the foot step of his father by leaving the Blancos to team up with the Bianconeri’s outfit.

He was sighted today, training with the under – 9 set up of the Juventus club also known as the Pulcini 2010. Ronaldo’s partner Georgina Rodriguez was also present at the training ground.

Ronaldo had revealed last week that he hopes that his eldest son plays football like him and was also full of praises for his abilities by saying:

“He’s very competitive. He’s like me as a child. He doesn’t like losing,” he said.

“He’ll become like me, I’m 100 percent sure of it. I’d like to teach him some things, but ultimately he will choose what to do and he’ll always have my support.

“But of course, I’d like him to become a player because I think he has a passion for it too.”





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