‘Any man who beats you for posing n.ude in public is justified’ – Nigerian lady comes hard on Toke Makinwa

A couple of days ago, popular media personality, Toke Makinwa posed completely naked in anticipation for her new product, Glow by TM.

The photo which had the OAP dressed in nothing with only her hands and legs used to cover her decency received diverse reactions online.

While some hailed her for baring everything out – because according to her, when you glow, you have nothing to hide-, others chastised her for going against her supposed Christian values.

One of many is Angel Eze who really blasted Toke for being a hypocrite. She also said no man will be able to stand her superficial and materialistic side, plus any man who beats some sense into her for posing n.ude in public is highly justified.

Read the full statement below:

Toke, Toke, Toke, How many times did I call you? You are a Christian, You are a role model, You were a wife, You are a respectable brand, Which of these are you representing in the above picture? Going nude for whatever reason is totally uncalled for. As a Christain lady you can’t market your stuff the way the world do. Remember you are a Christian woman and a role model. You are not a Kim Kardashian and can never be, No matter how hard you try. You are African. Do you want to hit 100M overnight on IG with this nude photoshoot? You wish. It will only dent your image as a future wife period. Is this the true reason you left Maje and killed his image? No man can tolerate your materialistic and superficial side, And any man who beats some sense into you for posing nude in public can be absolutely justified! Yes!! He own you not the public. So, keep your inspirational messages to yourself you are not fit to dish it after this complete nude photoshoot. Just get out of my sight @tokemakinwa is this how you pay God for putting you in the spotlight? SMH.


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