5 reasons why Manchester united have been struggling in attack

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Manchester united started the season in an unconvincing fashion. They although struggled to beat Leicester by two goals to nil. The chips were however down when Brighton pounced on them and were beaten by three goals to two.

The main issue was however when United were trailing by three goals to one and we expected an array of attacking moves. What we saw was a team playing as if they were actually leading.

To this end, we have put together 5 reasons why they struggled in attack:  

  • Manchester united have had fewer shots on goal and usually have fewer touches in the opposition box.
  • They although boss  possession, they usually struggle to pick a way through defences
  • Their 10 touches in the Leicester box is the joint-lowest by a premier league home team this season.
  • Their attacking play is too slow.
  • The red devil are ranked bottom for shots and touches in in the opposition box.



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