13 things presidential aspirant, Donald Duke told Falz and laila ‘on the couch’ (Video)

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Former Crossriver state governor Donald Duke, who is aspiring to lead Nigeria come 2019 was ‘On the couch’ with music star Folarin Falana aka Falz and Laila Johnson. The presidential aspirant who spoke on a couple of things he would do, if he is elected as president and we thought you might want to know. Read below;

Personal life

Donald Duke is married and has 3 daughters, and two are married. He grew up in Lagos and went to school in Lagos, Zaria, Sokoto and United states and  he is Lawyer.

His greatest passion

He says seeing people living up to their greatest potential. Seeing individuals in Nigeria, being given the opportunity to rise to their greatest potential, as many right now are even frustrated on thinking of it, let alone acting on it. That is why he says he wants to lead Nigeria.

His greatest mantra

‘Try’ to do unto others what you what them to do unto you

What he wants to do for Nigeria

He says he wants to give the same opportunity he was given by Nigeria to Nigerians. According to him, Nigeria has been good to him, through education, exposure and opportunities that have been afforded to him, so he says most people  do not have those opportunities, so he wants to give people that platform to succeed.

His first 100 days

-Right now Nigeria is embroiled in a civil war in the Northeast and some parts of Nigeria, so he says he will deal will the assault on ‘our people like the herdsmen and farmers crisis’

-Deal with economy: every sector is in dire need of touch and people are facing a lot as regards the economy.

On Education

He will redress the curriculum to fit the digital age, as what he have now is outdated. He also says he will train teachers to deal with digital curriculum,  motivate them, tie teachers career to students’ passage.

On police

He says Nigeria is under-policed with the most of them available policemen escorting VIPs.

He believes in state policing and would enforce it.

He doesn’t think school cert shouldn’t be the minimum entry qualification for joining the police but should either be an HND or a Degree.

He also plans to remunerate them accordingly. The take home pay of the police should really take them home.

On N13.5m running cost for Senators

He says that is a lot. He says he has spoken to some senators who told him the money isn’t entirely theirs and that, they have to pay people who do research for them and all that. However, he says he knows that is just a story they came up with.

He says the amount has been growing from 1999 and that when  every senate comes in, they up it. He says a president should sit with the leadership of the National Assembly and cut it down.

On electricity

On giving 24hrs electricity, he says he plans to make power generation local as oppose to the present situation where power is generated from one end and it diminishes before it gets to the other end. He says he will make sure that there is affordable gas all over the country.

On corruption

He says people have written petitions against him, lots have come up with accusations but it is convictions that matters and he has never been convicted for any. He says he has never intentionally misappropriated public funds and has no case with any anti-graph agency.

And he would make sure corrupt acquaintances won’t make any way into his government if elected president. As his loyalty is to Nigeria.

On Gay rights

He doesn’t understand what gay people’s emotions are but he wouldn’t criminalised them and would ensure that they get protection of the law but in the event where they try to exhibit their sexuality that would be an affront to the norms of society.

And he wouldn’t have a problem with have a gay person being in his cabinet because he has no business with his personal life but what he cares about is, can he deliver the assignment he has been given.

On what party he would be running

He says he would make an announcement as regards that this week. So keep watch!

See full interview below


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