What you should know about the corps member shot dead in Abuja by a policeman

It has become alarmingly scary the spate at which innocent Nigerians are killed in their own country. It is a sad reminder that the value for human life in Nigeria is next to nothing and how much our country has failed us. From one tragedy to another, Nigerians have come to endure bad news popping out of news sources daily.

The latest being the alleged murder of a youth corps member in Abuja by a police officer – Nigerians everywhere are calling for justice, while they continue to lend their voices to an overhaul of Nigeria’s security. As it could be anyone.

Here is what really happened to Miss Linda Angela Igwetu

She finished at work late at about 11pm and joined a few friends to a hang out before their Passing Out Parade scheduled for the next day. They left for home at about 3am and was shot at shortly after the check point immediately after Ceddi Plaza by a Police Officer identified as Benjamin PETERS. The bullet hits Angela on her side, by the midriff and she began loosing blood in the open roof vehicle.

She was rushed to the Garki hospital but they wouldn’t treat her until they see a police report despite the fact that the police officers were present. While the deliberation was ongoing, Angela bled to death.

The case was later taken to Federal Secretariat Police Station where the elder sister of the deceased Chineye Igwetu was crying for help

She was only 23-year-old and would have passed out today from her NYSC – To start the better part of her life, when an alleged trigger happy police cut off her dreams, that of her parents and her country.

Nigerians have taken to social media to vent, all they desire is that all culprits face justice.


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