Shaku Shaku is a dance done by criminals – Twitter user claims

A Nigerian twitter account has taken to the platform to give insight on the origin of popular dance, ‘shaku shaku’

His tweets read ;

Most people don’t know that the Shaku Shaku dance is a dance done by criminals when they are on handcuffs aka Shackles, hence the name ‘Shackles Shackles’. The below picture depicts when a police officer is putting a handcuff on a criminal #Thread

The shaku shaku dance below is when the criminal is making a phone call from the cell to his slay queen of a girlfriend to come and bail him.#Thread

The slay queen at the other end receiving his phone call after a hot sex with his friend.

When the slay queen arrives with the bail money and the criminal happily stretches his hands so that the policeman can remove the Shackles Shackles. This is the truth about the Shaku Shaku dance. Don’t argue about this if you’ve never been arrested. #EndSars #ShakuShaku

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