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Pride Magazine Nigeria (PNG) interviews Ijeoma Anyiam-Osigwe (IAO), the Co-Convener of the Pride Women Conference. In this interview she tells us the reason behind the conference and how she tries to maintain her own emotional well-being.

PNG: What influenced you to set up the Pride Women Conference?

IAO: The conference was set up to address issues that affect the mental and emotional health of women. It is a platform to address the various ways in which women have being impacted by the environment they live in. The platform seeks to help women learn how to deal with elements that impact their emotional and mental health. God made male and female in His likeness to live in love and enjoy the beauty of His creation. Why are women abused at home/work sexually, mentally and physically? Why are we denied our right to voice our opinions, to own properties, to have equal pay for the same effort put in? A good number of women live a life of fear, pain, sacrifice and marginalisation. All these have implications for their emotional, mental and physical well-being. The conference seeks to ensure that everyone is aware of these issues and begin to address them so that women can live all-round healthy and fulfilled lives.

PNG: You are the Co-Convener of the conference. Who is your partner on this project?

IAO: My husband Charles Anyiam-Osigwe.

PNG: The motto of the Pride Women Conference is – “Emotional Well-Being Is Our Goal”. What informed the choice of this motto?

IAO: The motto captures in one short sentence the essence of the Pride women conference.

PNG: You held the second edition in May 2018, how did the event go and how do you evaluate that the conference is meeting its objectives?

IAO: The event went quite well. The attendance was good. The hall was full. The speakers were very good, they spoke from the heart and shared their experiences without holding back and connected with the audience. The theme of the second edition was Women: Work, Relationship and Marriage – The Conversation Continues. The first edition was the beginning of the conversation; it was continued in the second edition and will expand in the third edition. I think it is too early to judge if we are meeting our objectives, but from the feedback received so far, the conference is like an “eureka” moment for women. They are glad that a platform now exists that is openly discussing matters they cope with silently.

PNG: How do you choose your speakers for each conference?

IAO: It is usually based on experiential knowledge with respect to the subject matter the speaker will address. We also consider a speaker’s professionalism when we are addressing issues that need both expert and experiential knowledge.

PNG: The date for the 2019 conference has been set – May 24, 2019 at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in Lagos. Are the speakers for the event already chosen?

IAO: No, the choice of speakers is currently a work in progress. We are painstaking when it comes to choosing speakers. Our speakers should be persons that can inspire, teach and help women overcome the issues/feelings weighing them down.

PNG: The Pride Women Conference is targeted at women, but do you not think that given your stated objective, which is the emotional well-being of an individual, that men could also benefit? If so, shouldn’t the conference be open to both men and women and not be gender specific?

IAO: The conference is open to everyone – both women and men. We had a few men in attendance at the last conference. On the 2019 conference website, we have “Men Specially Invited” boldly stated. So we are looking forward to a good number of men attending the 2019 conference. However, our main focus is women because women are more marginalised and discriminated against in our society. They are the ones who face the most abuse – in the home, society and workplace. They are expected to multitask at home, work and even socially. This is why it is important to begin to address how they can find the right balance between work, home and relationships.

PNG: What type of support does the conference receive in terms of finances and in-kind support?

IAO: It has not been as much as we would wish. We hope that as we organise forthcoming editions, more people are aware of the conference, and there will be more support both financially and in-kind.

PNG; How do you see the conference evolving over the next five years?

IAO: I see the conference as one that will be at the forefront of promoting the emotional well-being of women. We hope that in the next five years, the conference will be widely known, and more importantly it plays a part in helping a lot of women to pay attention to what matters and take steps to improve their mental, physical and emotional well-being.

PNG: What are the challenges of staging the conference?

IAO: I will say generating publicity for the conference, so that the public knows it. We are trying to address this by getting more media partners on board. The other challenge is the required finance to stage the conference.

PNG: Does your organisation have any strategic partnerships with other organisations and are you open to such partnerships?

IAO: Presently we have some media partners. However, we are open to other kinds of partnerships that are beneficial to all parties.

PNG: What can you say is your best reward that comes from convening the Pride Women Conference?

IAO: I am very passionate about an individual’s emotional well-being. I am proud to be part of this initiative that seeks to address the issues women have been going through behind closed doors and providing solutions to them. The fact that this can lead to women being liberated from emotional turmoil and lead happy and fulfilled live gives me great satisfaction.

PNG: You and your husband are the conveners of the Pride Women Conference. Can you tell us how you maintain your own emotional well-being in marriage and life in general?

IAO: It is a lifetime journey of open communication and expressing your feelings openly and candidly. Being naked with the truth a lot of the time. In a lot of cultures and settings, women are not able to speak out, express their true feelings and emotions. So trying to maintain any emotional wellness is a herculean task. However, I am able to express myself, to speak out when I am hurting or being hurt by someone. I am aware and open about my emotions and feelings – I do not keep them bottled up inside. I also take the steps to address the issues that are affecting me emotionally.

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Events in Nigeria

Glo Sends Felicitations To Nigerians At 60



Telecommunications company, Globacom its felicitations to Nigeria on the
occasion of her 60th Independence Anniversary.

In a press statement released from its corporate head office in Lagos, the company
said as the nation celebrates on October 1, compatriots at home and abroad
should embrace peace, unity and brotherliness as enshrined in the national
anthem while upholding the virtues which the country’s heroes past struggled for,
regardless of the challenges currently battling the nation.

“Nigerians as a people should consider the unity of the country as a project that
must be upheld by all of us irrespective of our diversities. In the same vein, the
continued wellness and security of all compatriots from all tribes and religious
divides should be of utmost importance to everyone,” Globacom added.

Globacom noted that Nigerians have reasons to celebrate the country’s continuing
status as one cohesive nation bound in freedom, peace and unity for the past 60
years in spite of its various challenges, adding that the nation’s nature as a country
of 300 peoples of diverse traditions, cultures, inclinations and beliefs should enrich
and unite rather than polarise the nation.

“All Nigerians should emphasise more on the values that unite us and ignore those
that put wedges of attrition between us. We must love and respect one another
and hold dear the sanctity of life of every Nigerian in all nooks and crannies of the
country; we must relegate our tribal and religious differences, and hold dear the
harmony, safety and progress of the nation and its peoples,” the company further

Recalling its achievements as second national carrier in Nigeria’s
telecommunications market, Globacom seized the opportunity to applaud Nigeria
for inspiring it to score its gamut of firsts.”

The network further disclosed that it was exciting that digital telephony has
enhanced the life experiences of Nigerians with Globacom pioneering innovative
solutions, world class products and services as well as affordable offerings.

Globacom reiterated its support for educational endeavours, culture,
entertainment, sports and other worthwhile engagements and wished the
country and her peoples more years of enhanced development and growth.

It also promised its subscribers seamless voice, data and Short Messaging Service
(SMS) during and after the Independence Day holiday.

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GTBank Fashion Weekend Returns for the 5th Year, Holds Nov. 14-15 …Call for Exhibitors Now Open



September, Lagos.

Foremost financial institution Guaranty Trust Bank plc has confirmed that the 5th edition of
Africa’s premier fashion event, the GTBank Fashion Weekend, will hold on Saturday,
November 14, and Sunday, November 15, 2020. The two-day event, will feature fashion-
leaders and industry experts from around the world, whilst providing hundreds of
indigenous small fashion businesses with the opportunity to expand their online presence,
reach new markets, and position their businesses for sustainable growth.

Themed “The Future of Fashion Retail,” the 2020 GTBank Fashion Weekend event will
feature a hybrid of online and physical experiences, including Online Master Classes, an
Immersive Online Shopping Experience with Free Delivery Nationwide and a Runway Show.

In line with its vision of Promoting Enterprise, the Bank will provide an e-commerce
platform that will allow hundreds of small businesses connect with thousands of consumers
that are online, whilst providing fashion lovers with an immersive online shopping
experience. The Bank will provide custom-built online retail stalls for free and, at the same
time, fully sponsor all promotional activities to drive visibility and sales for all the fashion
brands that will be a part of the 2020 GTBank Fashion Weekend.

In addition to its innovative fashion retail experiences, the 2020 GTBank Fashion Weekend
will feature a series of online masterclasses facilitated by renowned fashion industry
experts. A “must-attend” for entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts, the masterclasseses
have been designed to deliver the same quality in content and engagement as previous
years, through interactive webinars that will focus on exploring new and exciting ways to
build and sustain fashion brands in these times and the future.

The Runway Show will also keep its place at the 2020 GTBank Fashion Weekend. Designed
with current realities in mind, the Runway Show will feature a carefully curated ensemble of
bold and enthralling fashion statements by Africa’s Finest Fashion Brands, delivered in a
socially distanced environment.

Commenting on the 2020 GTBank Fashion Weekend, the Managing Director and Chief
Executive of GTBank, Segun Agbaje, said; “Fashion is more than just art or endeavour, it is a
way of life, and as we make adjustments to how we live in these new realities, we are also
reimagining how we create value for small businesses, the local fashion industry and our
customers through the GTBank Fashion Weekend. This year, key parts of our fashion
experience will go online, but the focus remains the same; to drive the growth of our
fashion industry by promoting enterprise for small businesses in the sector.”

He further stated that “At GTBank, we will continue to lend the full weight of our franchise
to safeguarding lives and livelihoods not only by leading the fight to curtail the Covid-19
outbreak, but also creating and championing initiatives that help businesses and individuals

Launched in 2016, the GTBank Fashion Weekend has become the biggest fashion experience
in Africa, drawing over 250,000 attendees annually and featuring renowned industry experts
such as style connoisseur Dapper Dan, Burak Cakmak of Parsons School of Design, Roksanda Ilincic, Make-Up extraordinaire Sir John, Stylist to the stars Law Roach, Vanessa Kingori MBE, Jay Alexander, Nicholas Kirkwood, Jay Manuel, Huishan Zhang, Adesuwa Aighewi and several others. Geared towards Promoting Enterprise, the GTBank Fashion Weekend is one of Guaranty Trust Bank’s social initiatives aimed at offering small businesses real
commercial opportunities and empowering them with the expertise, networks and
resources to realize the full potential of their businesses.

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Events in Nigeria

Taking Care of Tomorrow’s Leaders Today – The itel, Lagos Food Bank Example



Waking up to a special meal or choice gift is the best feeling ever. Hundreds of children in Mushin, mainland Lagos, had a filling taste of this feeling for the October 1 st celebrations. It’s an experience they will remember for a long time.

Being one of the most responsible corporate citizens around, celebrating Independence Day was always going to be on the radar for itel Mobile. To make this possible and memorable, the brand got to work in earnest. The focus of the work was picking the best way to commemorate the 60th independence anniversary of the most populous black nation on earth.

The efforts soon paid off through an impact-driven partnership with the Lagos Food Bank Initiative. With the arrangement, both partners considered a couple of activities capable of affecting communities positively and bringing smiles to people’s faces in Lagos. At the end of the exercise, taking care of children, the leaders of tomorrow, in the commercial city secured the highest votes.

With the decision, itel Mobile set about making this happen. Not surprisingly, the decision was
influenced by giving children the means to excel and prepare them for leadership and nation-building, for them to enjoy better life. For the good of their immediate family, community and the Nigerian society.

Idiko, Mushin, a suburb of mainland Lagos, was chosen as the benefiting community. And the partners strategically reached out to the beneficiaries, children and families, with gifts of love, care, happiness and support made possible by the itel Love Always On CSR initiative.

Over 1,000 families benefited from the gesture as well as 600 children, and each one of them received food packages to celebrate Nigeria’s 60 th Independence Day commemoration.

Speaking on the event and itel’s Love Always On CSR Initiative, Oke Umurhohwo, itel’s Marketing Manager said, ‘We wanted to mark this year’s Independence Day celebrations differently, and that is why we did something so momentous for our children. Children are the backbone of any longstanding community, and as such, we are proud to be able to give back and support them on their journey as leaders of tomorrow and for a better life.’

To meet the demands of the memorable event, 30 volunteers joined the customer-centric brand and the Lagos-based NGO to share smiles, and to convey just how important it is to love and take care of today’s children who will ultimately become leaders of tomorrow.

With the thoughtful activity, there are insights for everyone, from the government to citizens, on partnerships that are capable of making life better for children. Indeed, itel Mobile and the Lagos Food Bank Initiative have offered a great template on bringing this to reality.

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