Pastor disgraced publicly after he was caught sleeping with church member in Edo State (video)

A Pastor was allegedly caught having s*x with his church member, then he was stripped and disgraced and it was caught on video.

The Pastor was allegedly caught with the church member in a hotel in Benin, Edo state.

While being interrogated in the video shared online, the pastor denied having s*x with the woman and when he was asked to explain what he was doing naked in the hotel room, he couldn’t offer an explanation.

It is not exactly clear why the onlookers felt the need to shame the pastor because, from the look of things, the tryst was consensual.

Watch the video below:

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  1. Pastors are men pruned to fall. It only take self-respect to overcome sexual misconduct. Some of us pastors are workers not called, or called without self terming. Our ability and acceptance to mortify the old man according to Romans 12:1 – 2; whereby lust come to play, is a self sacrifice of laying aside besetting sin. Opportunists are found everywhere hence; the Church as it men that are found therein the Church. Pastor of members who uses the interactive opportunity for lust expression is a foot from hellfire.


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