“N300k monthly salary or I won’t work” – Slay Queen threatens.

A slay queen has threatened to be a lazy Nigerian youth if she doesn’t get a job where she’s paid over 300k monthly.

She who just concluded her final exams in one of the Nigerian varsities has given her terms to companies planning to employ her once she concludes her clearance and is ready to work.

Slay Queen threatens

The slay queen with the name, Chinny Okekki on Facebook took to the platform to list the companies she can only work for as Shell, Chevron, Nestle and Dangote group.

Chinkky says it’s not just about working for these companies but that she holds a position where she’s paid nothing less than N300,000 for a start.

Chinkky wrote,

With the way this country hard heh if I don’t get jobs offers from companies like Shell,Chevron, Nestle Nigeria or Dangote wit positions that pay over 300k salary I no work Biko I cnt kill myself
#icntcommankillmyself #slaybaby

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