Lady Who Wanted Butt Tattoo For Free, Calls Out Celebrity Beautician Bizzyaski For Telling Her To Pay

A Nigerian lady has called out Nigerian celebrity tattoo artiste and beautician, Bizzyaski on his birthday.

According to the lady who goes by the name Grace Ashaye on Instagram, the tattoo expert refused to draw butterfly tattoo on her bumbum for free,asking her to pay for the service.

This infuriated Grace who took to Bizzyaski’s to post the below comment on one of his birthday post.

“Which birthday are you celebrating. Whats ur problem sef. Ordinary to draw ordinary butterfly tattoo on my butts you they charge. You want to build mansion in banana island abi? Rubbish. Weyrey somebody. Who do you think you are? Japaa”, Grace fumed.

Bizzyaski in his response clapped back at the lady saying;

“Ordinary tattoo, you say? You fit take biro draw am for your bumbum nau. That your face like monkey yansh.”

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